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    Versele Laga Prestige Food for Budgie
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    Versele Laga Prestige Budgies

    High quality seed mixture for budgies Multicoloured mixture for budgies and other small parakeets Enriched seed mixture: vitamins, amino acids & minerals = optimal condition Optimal intestinal functioning and digestion (Florastimul) Composed in...
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  • Sale 14%
    Versele Laga Prestige Budgie 50/50
    Sale 14%

    Versele Laga Prestige Budgie English Mixture 50/50


    BUDGIES ENGLISH MIXTURE 50/50 Classical very English mixture for show budgies High quality seed mixture for budgies 50% canary seed and 50% millet COMPOSITION canary seed 50%, yellow millet 25%, white millet 25%/p> ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS protein...
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  • Live Mealworms Bird Food

    Live Mealworms Bird Food

    Kennedy Wild

    £23.75 - £54.75
    Premium Bird Food: Live Mealworms for Avian Delight Elevate your bird feeding experience with our top-quality Live Mealworms for birds, a sought-after avian delight that has earned its reputation as a preferred choice among bird enthusiasts. Please note...
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    £23.75 - £54.75
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Bird Feed

Kennedy Wild Bird Food Ltd is one of the leading bird food suppliers in the UK. Bird feed to suit all your needs. Our attention to detail is only exceeded by our focus on customer satisfaction and product quality. Our comprehensive range of bird feed online consists of blended bird food, plain bird seeds, peanuts for birds and suet products for birds. Additionally, favourites such as sunflower hearts and niger seed feature high on our list of recommendations.

Wild bird food for your garden 

The leading bird food suppliers in the UK. Feeding wild birds in your garden, on your window sills or in local parks can be very therapeutic and good for your mental health. It’s the ideal way to appreciate the diverse range of species to be found in the UK. For children, putting out bird food in the garden can be fascinating and fun. It’s also beneficial for keen gardeners! Having regular birds dropping in helps to keep insect levels down and can promote pollination. Your feathered visitors might even peck away at your weeds if you’re lucky! Create a bird friendly garden. There’s an even better reason to buy wild bird feed though. Indigenous animals often struggle to find natural sources of nutrition, not least in heavily built-up areas. By feeding the birds in your garden, you are doing your bit for local conservation and to preserve the UK’s wonderful wildlife.

The best wild bird food supplier

In colder months, if you are considering where to buy wild bird feed – and what type to buy – keep in mind that our feathered friends need fat-rich food to keep their energy levels up. These creatures can only survive on their own body fat for a limited time when the weather makes foraging even more of a challenge. Always purchase your wild bird feed from reputable bird food suppliers. The RSPB also recommends that, in severe weather, you put wild bird food out twice a day – morning and afternoon.

Wild bird food all year round

Feeding wild birds is not just about winter. Food shortages can occur all year round. Your wild bird food could make a big difference to the survival rates of species in your local environment. In the spring, when it’s breeding season, there are more juvenile birds around, so it's a great idea to use bird seeds high in protein. Buying quality items from your bird food supplier is especially important for young chicks. You should select bird feed that’s less likely to create a choking hazard, such as mealworms they can swallow easily, peanut granules or fat balls they can peck at. Always purchase from reputable bird food suppliers.

Explore Our Wide Range of Bird Foods

As one of the leading bird food online suppliers in the UK, we offer a diverse range of bird food options, catering to the specific dietary needs of both domestic and wild bird species. Have a look at what we have;

  • Mixed Wild Bird Seed

Various seeds and grains, like millet, maize, raisins, corn and more, are mixed together to create a healthy diet that attracts various wild birds to your garden. This mixed wild bird seed food is typically enriched with essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, etc. and is suitable for year-round feeding.

  • Peanuts for birds

Provide peanuts for birds in different ways, from whole in-shells to granules! In-shell nuts are perfect for larger birds like jays, crows, grackles, and larger woodpeckers, while peanut hearts or chips, already broken up, are preferred by smaller birds such as chickadees and titmice.

  • Domestic Bird Seed

This domestic bird seed category has been formulated with a selection of different seeds, safflower, rapeseed, and brown linseed. This is an ideal diet for domesticated birds such as parrots, budgies, canaries, and other pet species, providing them with all the necessary nutrition.

  • Ground Feed

Want specific bird thrushes, blackbirds and doves? Choose ground feed! It typically consists of a mixture of seeds, grains, and sometimes dried fruit, ideal for ground-feeding bird species. Bird feeders, as well as ground scattering, are easy ways to use them.

  • Plain Wild Bird Seed

This food for birds is an all-purpose option suitable for most bird species, whether looking for food for robins or hens. From flaked maize to hemp-enriched seed, we have a diverse plain wild birdseed collection to create a mix that entices various wild birds to your garden. 

  • Mealworms For Birds

Being an excellent source of protein, this food includes living to dried mealworms for birds, which is particularly beneficial during the breeding season and for fledglings. 

  • Suet For Birds

Suet products are like a high-energy food source ideal for feeding wild birds, especially during colder months when they require extra calories to stay warm. These suet for birds are available in various forms, such as pellets, blocks, or balls.

  • Poultry Feed

This feed is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of chickens and other domesticated poultry. Poultry food supports their health, egg production, and overall nutrient needs.

Featuring Industry-Leading Brands For Bird Food

Apart from our own brand, Kennedy Wild, we have sourced the finest bird food in the UK from leading manufacturers to provide our customers with the best quality wild bird food. A few of the top brands are listed below for your reference!

  • Jacobi Jayne

This brand’s bird food collection includes flutter butter eco refills, offering no-salt peanut butter wild bird food and starter packs for feeding flutter butter bird food. These products reflect the company's commitment to providing bird enthusiasts with high-quality, environmentally friendly food options.

  • Peckish

Specialises in creating nutritious bird food blends that cater to the diverse dietary requirements of wild birds. This range includes seed mixes, suet products, and treats that support birds' health and vitality.

  • Suet To Go

It offers an extensive collection of bird foods, including Premium Suet Pellets in mixed, berry, and insect flavours, high-energy Suet Cake Blocks in insect, mealworm, and berry varieties, Suet Logs for wild birds, and many more. The range caters to various bird species and seasonal needs.

  • Henry Bell

The product list of Henry Bell offers highly nutritious, fat-rich food in the form of nut & seed fat balls or hanging bells that provide much-needed energy for garden birds.

  • Versele Laga

The collection of wild bird food in the UK from "VERSELE LAGA" consists of various specialised products catering to different bird species. Offerings include mixes for tropical finches, big parakeets, budgies, canaries, European finches, and parrots. Each product is accompanied by a description detailing its composition and suitability for specific bird types.

Bird Feeding Tips and Recommendations

  • Diverse Seed Mix

Employing a variety of seeds in your bird feed attracts a broader spectrum of bird species, ensuring a diverse and vibrant avian community in your surroundings.

  • Protein-Rich Additions

Including mealworms, suet, or nuts in bird food is vital, particularly during breeding and fledgling seasons. These protein-rich options support the increased nutritional demands of birds during critical life stages.

  • Strategic Feeder Placement

Placing feeders in safe, open areas away from potential predators ensures easy and secure bird access. This strategic positioning minimises stress for birds while feeding.

  • Regular Feeder Cleaning

Cleaning feeders regularly with mild soap and water is crucial in preventing disease spreading among bird populations. 

  • Avoid Salty or Processed Foods

Refraining from offering salty or processed foods is essential, as these can harm birds. Opting for natural, nutrient-rich options helps maintain the well-being of the bird community in your environment.

  • Seasonal Adjustments

Adjusting the types of food offered based on the season is crucial. Different seasons bring varying nutritional needs for birds, ensuring a thoughtful and adaptive bird-feeding approach.

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