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Sunflower Seeds for Birds

Sunflower seeds for birds

When it comes to choosing the right bird seed to suit your feathered friends, sunflower seeds could be the ideal option. They are packed with goodness that will leave the birds visiting your garden well-fed, nourished, and ready to go about their day. Whether that involves raising their young, preening, searching for other natural sources of food or general survival.

Which birds will be attracted.

Sunflower seeds are well known for attracting a wide variety of birds to your outdoor space. Some common fans include Blackbirds, Blue tits, Chaffinches, Collared doves, Dunnocks, Goldfinches, Great spotted woodpeckers, Great tits, Greenfinches, House sparrows, Long-tailed tits, Nuthatches, Robins, Starlings, Wood pigeons and so many more species. Having these seeds in your feeders is bound to see your garden bustling with life. Of course, if you manage to attract any of these beautiful birds don’t forget to log your sightings in our Birdspotter App! Read our blog which birds prefer sunflower seeds


Sunflower seeds are an energy dense form of food for wild birds. Free from filler, you can count on them to provide birds with plenty of energy. Sunflower hearts are high in protein and have a high calorie count to weight ratio. This means your birds don’t need to spend as much time searching for other types of seeds to provide them with the boost they need.

Nutritionally dense

They are packed with oil and protein that ensure your garden birds maintain healthy feathers, skin, and beaks throughout all of the seasons.

Easy to Eat

They are easy for birds to eat and digest, making this a great option to fuel their tanks while conserving their energy levels as best possible.


While black sunflower seeds have husks, which birds generally dispose of, leaving mess in your garden, sunflower hearts come without husks, providing a mess free option for you and your garden. Our sunflower hearts are bakery grade, of the highest quality and among the lowest priced in the UK. Buy in bulk and have them delivered free tomorrow! They can be fed from a bird seed feeder, bird table or scattered on the floor for ground eating birds. If you need any further proof that sunflower seeds are a bird “super food”, keep in mind how beneficial they are to humans too! Dietitians recommend them as a highly nutritious form of protein that can boost your skin health and help you to fight cancer! For more information on sunflower seeds read our blogs listed below. Sunflower seed feeding guide Sunflower hearts the ultimate bird food Which type of sunflower seed is best for wild birds

Sunflower Seeds Varieties Available

At Kennedy Wild Bird Food & Pet Supplies, we offer you a premium selection of sunflower seed varieties to cater to the nutritional needs of your pets. Our collection includes:

  • Sunflower heart seeds

Our Sunflower hearts are highly nutritious bird food, beloved by a variety of wild birds, including finches, starlings, and robins. They are rich in protein, healthy fats, calcium, vitamin B, iron, and potassium, providing essential nutrition for garden visitors. As bakery-grade, husk-free seeds, they produce no mess and are versatile in feeding methods, suitable for bird feeders, tables, or ground scattering. 

  • Striped sunflower seeds

Striped sunflower seeds for birds are a highly nutritious food source for birds, providing high protein and essential oils that provide avian visitors with a rich energy source. These seeds are particularly favoured by larger seed-eating birds. Red and grey squirrels are also known to enjoy these seeds, making them a versatile option. 

  • Kennedy wild black sunflower seeds

Kennedy Wild Black Sunflower Seeds are a high-nutrition, essential oil-rich food source for birds. These seeds are favoured by hard-billed birds such as nuthatches, finches, woodpeckers, and sparrows. In addition to essential fats and oils, these seeds also provide a range of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, D, and E, potassium, calcium, and iron, making them a valuable addition to wild bird diets. Our wild black sunflower seeds can be easily incorporated into various bird feeders or mixed with other bird seeds for added nutritional value.

How to Feed Sunflower Seeds to Birds

  • The best method for offering sunflower seeds to birds is by using suitable bird feeders, such as tray or hopper feeders, tube feeders, or specialised sunflower seed bird feeders, which provide easy access to the seeds while preventing squirrels from accessing the food. 
  • It's important to position the feeders near trees or shrubs to provide a safe approach for shy birds. 
  • To attract a diverse range of bird species, it's advisable to offer a variety of seeds in separate feeders, including black oil sunflower seeds, nyjer (thistle) seeds, and peanuts for birds
  • When placing the feeders, better to locate them at different levels to accommodate different types of birds, such as those that feed on the ground, in shrubs, and in trees.
  • Avoid common feeding mistakes, such as offering seeds in feeders with mesh sizes not suitable for smaller seeds.

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