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A Beginners Guide to Birdwatching

A Beginners Guide to Birdwatching

Birdwatching as a hobby

Birdwatching is the perfect hook for getting all ages interested in nature, simply because birds are absolutely everywhere. Once you have mastered observing and feeding birds in your own garden, you might find yourself itching to get out exploring. If you have children, why not take them to a local park. Alternatively, why not check out one of these fantastic birdwatching days out in the UK? At Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we put together this handy infographic to help ease you into birdwatching outdoors for the first time. We hope you enjoy!

beginners guide to birdwatching

Birdwatching as a family

Birdwatching isn’t a solitary hobby. It’s only natural you want to tell someone when you see an unusual bird or witness its entertaining behaviour. This is why bird clubs are so great. Many bird clubs offer walks and a place to interact with peers and nature in a stimulating environment. Birding festivals are also great. Check out this list for some of the best birding festivals in the UK. there are many smaller, free festivals across the UK, so make sure you have a look near you

Make bird watching fun for children

Sometimes, well intentioned birders can put off young children by putting too much focus on the birds. In fact, many bird walks in the UK have highlights that might not even feature a bird at all. The main thing is to encourage exploration and never pass up on an opportunity to discover the natural world. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing a child immerse themselves in nature. By encouraging them to do so, we can help ensure future generations will appreciate and understand the magical British countryside.

Feeding Wild Birds

On your day trips, we recommend carrying with you some environmentally friendly, reusable and resealable plastic bags with some of our mixed wild bird seed. This way, you can scatter it wherever you go and encourage the birds to come out and play. In winter, offer some foods higher in fat and energy, such as our peanuts for birds or sunflower hearts. This will help wild birds thrive in cold conditions when natural food sources are scarce. A really fun activity you can do with children is to make your own fat balls. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a bird nibble on the food you have made yourself. Don’t forget, if you are a brand new customer you will receive a 10% discount when you enter the code NEW10. Furthermore, returning customers will receive a 5% discount on orders over £50. Make sure you read our price comparison guide.
24th May 2017 Kennedy Wild

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