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Autumn Wildlife Highlights

Autumn Wildlife Highlights

Autumn wildlife highlights. It’s autumn which means there are some big changes happing in nature. Autumn is where British wildlife starts to prepare the upcoming winter and the colder, harsher weather this brings.

There are so many wonderful sights to see and experience in the UK in autumn so here are some of out autumn wildlife highlights.

Beautiful Multi-coloured Trees

During autumn the leaves on the trees change colour. they go from rich luscious green to bright vibrant reds and oranges. These gorgeous warming colours can brighten up any autumnal walk or hike.

This is because as it gets colder, the chlorophyll in the leaves starts to fade leaving behind other pigments called carotenoids and anthocyanins. Eventually these leaves will dry up and fall of the tree and might even make a fun crunching sound when you step on them.

Autumn trees by lake

Hibernating Hedgehogs and Other Creatures

Winter can get very cold in the UK and for some creatures these temperatures are just too much for them. this is why some UK wildlife, like hedgehogs, prefer to hibernate throughout the winter months.

Hedgehogs will start to build nests around October and November. They do this by piling up twigs and leaves to make a warm cosy nest. you can help by leaving any twigs, small branches and fallen leaves out for hedgehogs to find.

If you see a pile of twigs and leaves, always check to make sure there isn’t someone hibernating in there before you go to movie it. In some cases, hedgehogs have been known to cosy up in garden sheds and unlit bonfires, so always be on the look out for our sleepy little friends.

Baby Seals

Autumn is when mother seals give birth to their pups. To do this the female grey seals needs to come on to shore and they often do this on the quieter Welsh beaches.

When baby seals are born, they aren’t grey like their parents, but are white and fluffy. If you see a seal pup on the beach it can be very tempting to approach and pet it, but you should never approach a baby seal or its mother.

Make sure you wrap up warm and watch from a safe location if you do plan going seal spotting.

Baby seal on the beach

Starling Murmuration

As the months get colder starlings will start to gather in huge flocks or murmuration’s. These huge flocks move in fast swooping motions and create beautiful eye catching patterns in the sky.

Sometimes as many as 50,000 starlings can be flying unison, but there are plenty of smaller murmuration’s that you might be able to see from your own garden. The often fly either early the morning or just before dusk.

Migrating Birds Returning For Winter

When we think of winter, we think all the amazing summer birds we see in our gardens, flying south to escape the cold winters. But what we often forget is, plenty of birds fly to the UK for the winter.

There are birds that live in colder countries that migrate to UK to avoid the much harsher climates of their home countries, preferring the UKs comparatively milder winters.

Birds that migrate to the UK include some species of Robin Red Breast; they typically start arriving as early as September so keep an eye our for our vibrant little feathered friend.

Don’t forget to keep leaving food out for the bird son your garden, even if the birds you usually feed in summer have flown south, there are pliantly of birds visiting for the winter that need feeding too.

Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we have all kinds of bird food. All our bird food is specially designed to make sure that the birds that visit your gardens and eat at your bird feeders are getting all the nutrients they need.

We have a wide verity of bird food including:

Mixed Birdseed

We sell a range of mixed birds seeds with every mix specially designed to either suit a particular bird or help with a particular part of the bird’s diet.

Mealworms For Birds

We sell both dried and live mealworms for birds. We also sell a specially designed mealworm bird feeder.

Peanuts For Birds

The peanuts we sell for birds are different from the ones you find in supermarkets. It’s important you only feed birds food that has been tested so that is it not harmful to them. We have a variety of peanuts for birds including peanuts both with and without shells.

Plain Wild Bird Seeds

We get a variety of different seeds from a range of different plants and food mixes including maize, oats and raisins.

Suet For Birds

Suet is a great alternative to dry foods. Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Feed we a have a variety of different suet products like suet pellets, fat balls and filled coconut shells.

Sunflower Seeds For Birds

Sunflower seeds are possibly the best thing you possibly feed to your garden birds. They are full of all the nutrients and good fats birds need to stay healthy. We have sunflower hearts, sunflower heart chips and black sunflower seeds.

woodpecker on feeder
1st Nov 2021 Rachel Weinhold

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