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Best Bird Feeder Guide

Best Bird Feeder Guide

This blog is the ultimate best bird feeder guide. Sure, you may know what to feed your garden birds, but do you know how? We, at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, have put together a guide to help you choose the best bird feeder for your garden.

The Guide To The Best Bird Feeder

When choosing the most suitable bird feeder for you, you must consider what bird food you are using and what specific bird species are visiting your garden.

Need a hand identifying your garden visitors? You can view our A-Z British bird guide here.

sparrow birds feeding on peanuts

Benefits Of A Bird Feeder

To attract an incredible variety of bird species to your garden, you need to combine the finest quality bird foodand bird feeders to see the best results.

Bird feeders host a lot of advantages to your garden and the birds feeding experience.

  • It makes the bird feed squirrel proof.
  • A bird feeder will keep birds safer.
  • It replicates natural feeding habits.
  • It offers a continuous source of food unlike in the wild.

What Bird Feeder Should I Choose?

Once you have identified the birds visiting your garden, and the right bird seed for them, it’s time to choose the most appropriate bird feeder. This can be a daunting task if you are new to bird feeding, so Kennedy’s best bird feeder guide has done it for you!

Ring Pull Click Seed Feeders

A recent development by Jacobi Jayne, the ring pull click seed feeder is the first on our best bird feeder guide.

This innovatively designed feeder allows for stress-free cleaning and refilling, meaning it is great for any weather condition. A clean bird feeder is vital for birds to return to your garden time and time again and remain healthy, and with this type of feeder, cleaning is easy!

The ring pull click seed feeders are perfect for blended seed mixes and sunflower seeds, which are both types of bird seed that attract a variety of wild birds.

You can also get ring pull click feeders for peanuts and Nyjer seeds, also firm favourites amongst a wide range of wild and garden birds.

Big Easy Seed Feeder

The clue is in the name. Again, from Jacobi Jayne, this style of bird feeder offers a high-volume design with plenty of seed ports and perches, perfect if your garden attracts lots of birds.

The big easy seed feeder is ideal for a mix of high-quality bird seeds so you can be sure to please many visitors.

Robin Feeder 

Does your garden attract a high number of robins? Robins feed slightly different from other birds, and so with them being natural ground feeders, a robin feeding tray is ideal for them.

Robins are a well-loved British bird and are often the face of Christmas cards up and down the country. You can expect to see Robins year-round, so a robin feeder is always a good option to have in your garden.

Robin feeders can hold a high capacity of bird food and so less frequent refills are required.

Squirrel Proof Feeders

It’s important when feeding birds, that you stick to only feeding birds. Other garden visitors such as squirrels can be a real pain for bird feeders. We recommend squirrel-proof bird feeders or at least accessories on your bird feeders designed to keep squirrels away from the bird seed.

Squirrels can become a pest and warn off other small birds from the bird feeders. Providing a feeder only small enough for birds is useful when wanting to avoid inviting squirrels into your garden.

Bird Feeder Accessories

Have the right bird feeder but want to add some accessories? We can help, at Kennedy, we have a large range of bird feed accessories including.

  • Trays
  • Rain guards
  • Scoops
  • Garden Poles

Why might you need bird feeder accessories?

  • Minimise food loss
  • Attract more birds
  • Discourage other animals such as squirrels
  • Protect birds and bird seed from weather conditions

Things To Remember When Feeding Birds

Having the right bird feeder is important but knowing the right information about bird feeding is even more important.

Food with exposure to rain or even some foods with exposure to direct sunlight can become mouldy and spoiled, thus passing on diseases to garden visitors. Make sure your bird feeder is weatherproof and continually cleaned.

Avoid irregular feeding. Birds visit your feeders to get food that they cannot get in the wild, if the food flow isn’t regular the number of flying visitors to your garden will quickly start to diminish.

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5th Jul 2023 Rachel Weinhold

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