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British Garden Birds: Summer Highlights

British Garden Birds: Summer Highlights

The height of summer is upon us, and with the (hopeful) summer weather in the UK, comes a variety of flying garden visitors. This blog aims to explore everything you should be expecting with British garden birds this summer. British Garden Birds: Summer Highlights will work to uncover some of the breeds of birds you will see and our top tips when it comes to feeding and protecting them.

birds feeding in summer

What Birds You Will See This Summer

The lighter nights, warmer temperatures and longer days mean that the bird becomes louder and livelier than ever. It is in these next few months that you may spot a few new visitors in your garden. But what can you expect to see?

Breeding season happening in spring means that by summer, there is often a whole new population of birds and fledglings finding their feet (or wings should we say) and venturing into gardens.

Many wild birds that have spent their winter in warmer climates travel back to Britain during the summer. So be prepared to see a lot of British garden birds returning home in the coming months.

A brief side note – if you are debating taking up birdwatching, now is the time! There is no better season than the flurry of new faces arriving in the UK and to your gardens.

British Garden Birds: Permanent Residents

Sure, there are several new faces that arrive in the UK during the summer months, but it’s also important to note that Britain has several permanent residents who see this country as their home, all year round. Many of these birds can be seen in urban parks and gardens.

Some of these birds are non-migratory, some have a resident population whilst a number of birds migrate back to Britain for winter.

British Garden Birds: Summer Visitors

Many birds arrive in the UK from the south to breed during spring and summer. You can expect to see new summer visitors each year, including:

And many more…

Around 4,000 different species of birds are regular migrants to the UK, specifically during the summer months. They visit us because of our; eruption of insects during wet weather conditions, less competition for nest sites and fewer predators.

water for birds in summer

British Garden Birds: Summer Feeding

Sure, there are a lot of new faces in Britain during the summer months, but how can you be sure to see them if you don’t attract them? Feeding birds in summer is a brilliant way to a) see more of the new visitors but b) protect and nurture the birds and their new offspring!

It’s a common misconception that we don’t need to feed birds in the summer due to natural food sources being in abundance. But as an avid birdwatcher, why wouldn’t you want to see the birds feeding in your garden!

The longer days give us more time to observe the British garden birds, and with them being louder and livelier, their songs and markings make them easier to identify during the summer months.

So, what to feed birds in summer

  • Seeds – such as sunflower hearts and Nyjer seeds. These are popular during the summer months as they’re a firm favourite across a variety of bird breeds. They offer the correct amount of nutrients for birds to thrive during the summer nesting season.
  • Live food – such as mealworms. As previously mentioned, many birds migrate to the UK for the availability of insects. Offering birds with a live food choice will most definitely make your bird feeder popular. This is a beneficial food source for fledglings as it is soft and replicates what they might find in the wild.

There are some tips when it comes to how to feed birds in the summer – in order to gain the most visitors and gain popularity among a number of different species.

  • Place your bird feeder in the shade. For two reasons. So, the birds can feed for longer without getting too hot and avoid food spoiling in the heat.
  • Make sure there is always a fresh supply of water. Water is important for birds to clean themselves and keep hydrated. Having a water source for birds is likely to attract birds that may not even visit your feeder.

What Foods To Avoid In Summer

The top tip for attracting birds to your garden this summer is to use a variety of food, thus attracting a variety of species and their young. However, in saying this, there are some things to avoid.

The biggest food type we recommend avoiding in the summer months is any soft suet product. Suet often doesn’t withstand the summer heat (even in Britain!) and so it is easy for it to spoil and grow bacteria which will harm the birds.

Advice On British Garden Birds: Summer Highlights

Want to know more about British garden birds in summer? Give us a call! Our team are on hand to answer any queries this summer.

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5th Jul 2023 Rachel Weinhold

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