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Do Wild Birds Need More Bird Food In Spring?

Do Wild Birds Need More Bird Food In Spring?

Spring is a time for sunshine, fresh new flowers, and hungry birds.

Do Wild Birds Need Feeding In Spring?

The simple answer is yes. With breeding season and nesting season underway, spring is the time when birds require high-energy diets to maintain their health, their young’s health, and their homes. This season means birds are building nests, defending their territories, and protecting their chicks, so lots of nutrients are essential.

When Is Best To Feed Wild Birds?

We must replace wild birds with the supplements found in food from the wild. During the winter months and early spring, wild birds face a food shortage, mostly due to weather conditions and so we can offer them the right food during these times.

Breeding Season

Spring, as with many other species, is the time that birds breed. The increase of birds should mean an increase in bird food! Make sure you are putting out the right foods during this period; seeds, mealworms and soft fruits so that there is plenty of food to go around.

Spring comes at a time when many birds are back from migrating, finding a mate, and building a home. And so it is a particular season that wild birds need fuel!

Top Tips For Feeding Wild Birds In Spring

  • Make sure your feeding table, birdbath, and bird feeder are clean. The warm weather and large amounts of birds could result in the spread of diseases.
  • Make sure there is plenty of water. Although natural sources of water will be in abundance, it is always a good idea to have water in your garden, especially if birds are nesting there. This gives birds a safe place not too far from their chicks to collect water.
  • Fresh food. The availability of fresh fruits and live prey doesn’t necessarily peak until the late summer months. Birds must stay topped up on the correct nutrients in the spring months.

You can read more about what birds need to eat in spring here.

What Wild Birds Can I Expect To See In Spring?

With it being at the end of the migrating season, spring attracts a lot of new bird breeds, with a lot of new favourites. Here are a few wild faces you could expect to see this spring:

  • Nutthatch – the nuthatch is a wild bird, that usually lives in forests and is a rare sight in gardens. Breeding for a nuthatch starts in late April and once the chicks are born, the parents take it in turns to collect food. Preparing its ideal meal of insects, seeds, and nuts – you could be lucky enough to spot one this Spring!

Found out more about the Nuthatch here.

nuthatch bird feeding
  • Robin – one of the easiest birds to spot in the UK and the friendly face of Christmas! These birds are most like to be spotted in spring! Not necessarily a ‘wild’ bird, but a very popular in spring! Found in gardens, this bird’s favourite snack is sunflower hearts. Its song is at its most powerful in spring, perhaps due to it being the mating season.

Find out more about the Robin here.

robin bird on branch
  • Goldfinch – a multi-coloured with distinctive patterns. These birds tend to travel quite far south in the winter months and so need a lot of energy! Its favourite snack is nyjer seeds, packed with protein and energy.

Find out more about the Goldfinch here.

goldfinch bird

Feeding Wild Birds In Spring

It is essential, after a tiring migration season that we provide wild birds with the correct nutrition to build their homes and start their families. By helping birds during a critical time, we can see lots of bird breeds grow and stay away from the red list!

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5th Jul 2023 Rachel Weinhold

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