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How to create a bird-friendly environment in your garden

How to create a bird-friendly environment in your garden

tit feeding sunflower seeds

Create a bird friendly environment to help out those species in need. It’s also a great way to get started with birdwatching! If like us you love to look after the wild birds of the UK, you’ll know the best place to do so is in the comfort of your own garden. Creating a safe, tranquil environment for your local birds could really go a long way.

To survive, birds need food, water, shelter and a safe nesting space. If you can set up a friendly space for each of these components in your garden, you’ll have no problem attracting wild birds. Grab these essentials to create the ultimate bird-friendly garden paradise.

Create a safe feeding space

Providing nutritious bird food is a great way to keep our wildlife healthy. Birds love and need food just as much as we do, so ensuring you’ve got some of their favourite bird food (such as our mixed bird seed) is the first step to attracting them into your garden.

Birds might be more inclined to eat on the floor than we would be, but when elevated off the floor, wild birds are much less vulnerable to predators. Tall-standing bird feeders are a must to keep the birds safe when eating.

Interesting fact: many large birds (such as jackdaws) like to eat small invertebrates in addition to birdseed. Take a look at our A-Z bird guides for tips on what to feed individual wild birds.


Plant wildlife-friendly trees and plants

Green fingers at the ready… there are certain plants that can attract birds, bees and even butterflies to your garden! Here are some of the best plant and trees for birds in the UK:

  • Ivy - Not everyone is a fan of this evergreen plant, but it actually provides an essential home for insects which some birds (such as robins) are known to eat. Ivy can also provide food for caterpillars, butterflies and can be an essential shelter for small birds!
  • Honeysuckle - This climbing plant has a distinctively lovely scent that attracts all types of birds and wildlife. It can also provide our wild birds with berries and shelter.
  • Sunflower - One of the most beautiful plants around, sunflowers are great for attracting birds and bees to your garden. In fact, the plant’s seeds can even be eaten by birds!
  • Conifers - Many gardens are equipped with them, but did you know birds find shelter in them during storms? Avoid trimming any conifers too much and they’ll become a sleeping and nesting paradise for wild birds! 

Provide a nesting paradise for birds

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and chicks all over the UK are starting to hatch! To enjoy this spring tranquillity, you’ll want to set up a nesting paradise in Autumn.

Nest boxes for wild birds come in all shapes and sizes, but simply placing one in your garden could help birds to keep their nests away from predators such as cats, foxes and even larger birds!

If you want to go the extra mile to really create a bird haven in your garden, complete the look with a freshwater source for them! Bird baths are great for both bathing and drinking, but don’t forget to change them regularly!

Avoid harmful pesticides where possible

Some pesticides can harm birds directly when feeding on plants, but pesticides are particularly harmful to those birds that feed on insects. It’s best to avoid pesticide use in your garden. Instead, try out other methods like handpicking and trap plants.

These simple steps can go a long way to creating a bird friendly environment! Discover our guide to maintaining your bird feeding accessories to ensure your garden remains a bird paradise all year round!

18th Apr 2019 Kennedy Wild

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