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How To Welcome Birds To Your Garden

How To Welcome Birds To Your Garden

Ultimately, birds are attracted to gardens that provide them with food, shelter and safety. Whether you live close to a wooded area or in a block of flats - you can welcome birds to your garden! This blog is here to offer all the top tips on how to welcome birds to your garden.

Welcoming Birds To Your Garden

If you are wanting to attract birds to your garden, you need to cater for their needs, year-round.

Providing birds with a safe place to feed, drink and bathe, and find shelter is crucial for making your garden an attractive spot for a variety of different bird species.

Providing the three basics of; food, home and security for a bird are the three keys to ensuring your garden is a successful visiting spot, but there are a number of ways in which you can go beyond this and work hard to welcome birds to your garden.

image of bird in garden

Foods That Will Welcome Birds To Your Garden

Although several bird seed mixes will welcome a variety of birds into your garden, it’s important to notice which species of birds you are attracting and during what seasons.

During summer, more birds are likely to be attracted to your garden if you present them with high-energy sourced foods such as sunflower seeds. Gaining lots of energy through these months when nesting and breeding periods are at their highest is pivotal for birds. A key tip on welcoming birds to your garden is giving them what they need and want!

Equally, during winter, birds require high-fat content to aid survival through the cold months when the wild food source is at a minimum. Providing foods such as live mealworms and suet is a great way on ensuring that your garden stays lively during the colder winter months.

Top Tips On Welcoming Birds To Your Garden

There are a number of top tips when it comes to how to welcome birds to your garden. Attracting birds will become much easier if you follow this handy guide.

Set Up Bird Feeders

Now you know what to feed them, it's important to know how. Setting up a number of different types of bird feeders in different locations if you have the space for this is the best way of welcoming several different bird species to your garden all year round.

You can read up on how latest blog: The Best Place To Hang A Bird Feeder, here.

Welcoming birds to your garden doesn’t happen overnight, however, having the right food in the right feeders and providing a safe place for birds to feed is most definitely a step in the right direction.

Ensuring your bird feeders are regularly topped up and cleaned is essential for not only feeding but protecting birds.

Provide Fresh Water

Water is used for both drinking and bathing for birds and so offering a fresh water source in your garden is moist definitely going to welcome birds to your garden and make it a popular attraction to many different species of birds.

Birds, like any other species, need water to survive. Placing a bird bath in your garden for them to drink from and clean themselves in is a great way to welcome birds to your garden.

Give Birds Somewhere To Nest

Catering to two of the three main needs of a bird, home and safety. If your garden provides a place for birds not only to visit but to nest, this is a brilliant way of welcoming birds and their young.

Providing birds with somewhere safe and secure to nest, like a nest box means that your garden will become popular among those birds looking to breed and raise their babies.

Sometimes wildlife needs a helping hand in finding somewhere to nest and so offering your garden as a place for them to stay will most certainly attract a number of different birds to your garden.

Understanding what to provide for birds and how you are able to cater to their needs is essential for welcoming them into your garden.

image of bird on branch

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5th Jul 2023 Rachel Weinhold

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