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Should You Feed Birds Every Day?

Should You Feed Birds Every Day?

At Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we talk often about what to feed birds, how to feed birds, and when to feed birds, but not necessarily how often. We aim to advise fellow bird lovers on everything they need to know about bird feeding, that way we can ensure your garden will be a popular location year-round! This blog aims to answer a question we get asked a lot “should you feed birds every day?” 

Although there is no black and white rule book as to how often you should feed birds, there are ways in which you can ensure that they keep coming back and stay healthy!

How Often Should You Feed Birds

To ensure that you maintain birds’ health as well as ensure they are frequent visitors in your garden, it is advised that you put food into your bird feeders once a day. This being said, however, how often you feed birds depends on the season as well as the number of birds that are visiting your feeders.

Although there is no harm in putting food out every day, it’s important that you stay vigilant on the amount of food that birds are consuming, and alter the amount you give according to this. To avoid food going bad, reduce the amount of food you offer to birds if you notice there is any leftover frequently.

Although birds don’t necessarily have specific feeding times, it's helpful if you aim to put out food at a similar time each day, this way they know when to visit your garden. This helps get them into a routine and develop the habit of maintaining a healthy diet - much like humans in that sense!

Feeding Birds In Summer

Summer is usually the time that natural food sources are in abundance, however, food shortages can happen year round. During the summer months, birds usually moult and breed and so they require a high-protein diet to gain enough energy and strength.

Birds, during summer, tend to burn more energy and so it is really helpful to offer birds extra nutrients should they need it.

Foods rich in protein such as sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds and live food like mealworms are great choices during the warmer months.

Feeding Birds In Winter

It is so important to support birds’ wellness during winter by offering them a frequent food source.

If you can, we advise even putting out food twice a day if they need it.

Food sources that are high in fat are the most beneficial during this time. Birds require a fat reserve during the especially bitter cold night we experience in Britain. Not only for this reason though, but many species of birds also tend to migrate during the cold winters and so require high levels of energy for the long flights.

Food such as suet that is specifically high in fat content is a great choice for winter.

What To Do If You’re On Holiday

Birds aren’t your children, although they require our help to maintain optimal health and wellness, you can of course go on holiday!

We advise that on the run up to leaving home, whether it be for a holiday or moving house, you start to minimise how much food you leave in the feeders. Birds are a creature of habit and if they notice less food in their favourite spot, they will simply find somewhere else - no hard feelings!

Weaning birds to form a different habit is simple, but it takes time. To ensure the best for your garden visitors, be sure to do it over time.

Feeding Birds With Kennedy Wild Bird Food

At Kennedy Wild Bird Food we pride ourselves on not only offering great quality bird food but brilliant advice on how and when to feed birds. If you would like to understand more about how often you should feed birds, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today!

You can call us on 01778 342665 or email

As always, if you are lucky enough to spot a new or interesting bird species, be sure to log it in the Birdspotter App! You can find it here.

5th Jul 2023 Rachel Weinhold

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