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Sunflower Hearts Bird Seed

Sunflower Hearts Bird Seed

Looking for different feeds to switch up what you put in your feeder? Sunflower hearts bird seed and sunflower seeds are a really great choice for birds. They are rich in protein and good fats which are very essential nutrients for the majority of bird species.

If you get your sunflower products from us, you can guarantee that they will be:

  • Bakery grade,
  • Of the highest quality, and
  • Delivered to you quickly.

But what exactly are the benefits of sunflower hearts for birds?

That’s why we wrote this article. Learn everything you need to know about sunflower hearts and exactly why they’re so great for your favourite garden visitor.

What Are Sunflower Hearts?

Sunflower Hearts feed is a year-round necessity in your gardens since they are the most popular bird seed for wild birds. On top of that, they’re also husk free which means they’re totally waste free.

Having no husk means that birds don’t need to pick it off themselves with their beaks, which is also why it’s waste free. None of the bird feed goes to waste as empty bits of shell as the whole thing is eaten. This is also what makes them different to sunflower seeds.

Why Are Sunflower Hearts Good For Birds?

It’s been long since known that birds will benefit greatly from having sunflower seeds or hearts in their diets because of all the nutrients they offer. But we’re going to break down the elements of this bird feed so you can understand why it’s so great to a bird’s diet.


In comparison to other bird seeds, sunflower hearts contain the highest calories per weight ratio as well as an incredibly high quantity of protein. Therefore, wild birds won’t need to feed as frequently in order to meet their daily energy needs like they would need to with other seeds.

This major factor is especially important during the winter months when organic food is scarcer and our natural garden birds require the most protein and energy to continue living and growing.

Actually, birds traditionally known for consuming insects have begin to make sunflower hearts a staple food – that’s how supreme the energy benefits are.

Per 100g of sunflower hearts, there’s a 65% quantity of Vitamin B-6 and an 81% quantity of Magnesium. This is great when you consider that Vitamin B-6 is important for brain development and a healthy immune system whereas Magnesium is adept in supporting muscle functions and energy production.

Two major functions that are quintessential in colder seasonal months.

Essential Oils

Wild birds benefit greatly from the oils found in sunflower hearts because they help maintain their feathers, skin, and beaks in excellent shape.

It’s too risky to try to provide essential oils to birds via diffusers since they’re respiratory systems are quite delicate. So utilising the right seeds is the safest approach to providing them with these necessary oils.

How Do I Feed Sunflower Hearts to Birds?

Two ways to feed sunflower hearts to birds are:

  • From a ground feeding tray / scattered over a bird table, or
  • From a hanging bird seed feeder.

In terms of the first method, it should only really be done in an area where there’s no closed spaces for cats to hide, such as behind a bush. Or you could make sure there are no cats in your neighbourhood if you’re really worried and don’t have a bird seed feeder.

Are Sunflower Hearts Easy for Birds to Eat?

Birds can eat up sunflower hearts Unlike their variants, sunflower seeds, birds don’t have to wait until they’ve successfully rid the husk from the seed so they’re much simpler to eat. Because of this, birds can consume this bird feed relatively quickly.

They’re simply, easy, and tasty. Sunflower hearts are enjoyed in this way. Which means that birds can use fairly small amounts of energy to consume yet still preserve significant amounts of energy the bird feed gives them.

What Kind of Birds Do Sunflower Hearts Attract?

With sunflower hearts, you may almost certainly increase the number of visitors to your garden. Including a larger diversity of the birds that frequent there.

Put sunflower hearts in your bird feeder and it won’t be long until you’re (probably) seeing siskins, tits, greenfinches, and goldfinches all swarming to your yard.

No-Mess Bird Food

Although sunflower hearts may be marginally more expensive than other wild bird seed products when it comes to purchasing, their certified advantages will be apparent pretty much from the first use:

  • No mess, no grow sunflower hearts bulk.
  • They’re popular with a large range of wild garden birds.
  • They can be fed in more than one way.
  • Birds are able to feed on them much quicker – this is an incredible benefit in the winter months and during nesting season.
  • Kennedy Wild Bird Food products are cheaper than our competitors’.
  • There’s free next day UK delivery. (This is included in our price, as well as VAT when applicable.)

Did you know sunflower hearts are Kennedy Wild Bird Food’s most popular bird food? Not to mention that they’re the most versatile, too. The sunflower products we offer appeal to many a variety of birds and aren’t just perfect for winter – they’re good to use year-round.

Just don’t forget to log any sightings on our Birdspotter Page! Oh, and water! Don’t forget water – these lovely little creatures need hydrating, too.

5th Jul 2023 Rachel Weinhold

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