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Sunflower Hearts - The Ultimate Bird Food?

Sunflower Hearts - The Ultimate Bird Food?

What are sunflower hearts?

Sunflower Hearts bird food is the preferred seed for wild birds more than any other bird seed, making them a must-have in your gardens all year round. Being husk free also means they are waste free, which is why we love them in our gardens. But, more importantly, why do birds love sunflower seeds? And what keeps them coming back for more throughout the year? Kennedy is back with another bird food guide to show you why our sunflower hearts are the ultimate bird seed for feeding your wild birds.

High energy sunflower hearts for birds

Sunflower hearts for birds have the largest calorie to weight ratio of any other bird seed, as well as a supreme level of protein. This means that wild birds won’t have to eat as often as with other seeds to fill their daily energy requirement. This can be absolutely vital in colder months, where our wild garden birds will need as much energy and protein as possible to survive the harsh conditions and thrive. In fact, the energy benefits are so great, that birds known for eating insects have started to adopt sunflower hearts as one of their main staples.
 Sunflower Hearts Nutrition Per 100 g
Fat (total) 51 g
Saturated fat 4.5 g
Sodium 9 mg
Potassium 645 mg
Carbohydrates 20 g
Protein 21 g
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin C 2%
Vitamin D 0%
Vitamin B-12 0%
Vitamin B-6 65%
Calcium 7%
Iron 29%
Magnesium 81%

Essential oils in sunflower hearts

The oils in sunflower hearts are highly beneficial to wild birds, as they help keep their feathers, skin and beaks in tip top condition. As birds have a sensitive respiratory system, it’s dangerous to try and provide essential oils through diffusers and sprays. Therefore, the safest way to provide these vital oils is through using the correct seeds, one of which is sunflower hearts.

sunflower hearts for bird food

Easy to eat bird food

Sunflower hearts are the healthy equivalent of our fast food. Quick, delicious and easy to eat, birds devour sunflower hearts in no time at all. Being able to enjoy sunflower hearts this way means they require very little energy to eat, all the while retaining a high percentage of the energy from the sunflower hearts. Imagine if we had fast food like this!

No mess bird food

Many people believe that feeding wild birds can be a messy affair and that the mess can wreak havoc with their gardens. While many other types of seed will fall from a feeder and begin to root, this isn’t the case with sunflower hearts. Essentially, sunflower hearts are sunflower seeds without the husk. This means that when the wild birds come to visit your garden, you are not left clearing up after them.

Sunflower hearts for birds

Attract more birds to your garden

These points are all reasons why sunflower hearts are the ultimate food for garden birds. Here is why you will love them, too. Sunflower hearts are the type of bird food where you are pretty much guaranteed to attract more visits, as well as a greater variety of birds to your garden. Fill your feeder with sunflower hearts and you are more than likely to discover tits, siskins, greenfinches and goldfinches flocking to your garden. Make sure you compare the prices of our premium sunflower hearts with our competitors, to keep your bank balance happy.

How to feed sunflower hearts to birds

In order to make the most out of a bag of our sunflower hearts, it’s best to feed them to birds in two ways: You can scatter them on the garden floor, but make sure the area is open as cats are often waiting to pounce from behind bushes!
16th May 2017 Kennedy Wild

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