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Sunflower Seed Feeding Guide

Sunflower Seed Feeding Guide

This sunflower seed feeding guide will provide you with everything you need to know about feeding sunflower seeds to birds. We aim to explore the different types of sunflower seeds, the benefits of sunflower seeds, what type of birds eat them and how to feed them! This blog acts as the ultimate guide, answering all your questions on sunflower seeds!

Sunflower seeds are a firm favourite amongst a large variety of bird species and are a good food source to have out in your garden year-round.

Which Birds Eats Sunflower Seeds?

When feeding birds in your garden, you want to know that you are putting out the right type of bird seed for the wild birds you attract. Like us, every bird has their favourite food!

Sunflower seeds are particularly popular amongst:

  • Finches
  • Starlings
  • Tits
  • Robins

What Are The Different Types Of Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seeds come in a variety of types, some of which are better for specific types of birds, or birds are different ages.

Due to the potential risk of choking, sunflower hearts are a firm favourite for fledglings and baby birds, with no shells, sunflower hearts are easy for them to eat and digest.

Sunflower hearts are regarded as the most versatile bird seed and a must-have in many gardens across the UK, attracting a large variety of wild birds. They make an ideal choice for your bird feeders and they leave little to no mess! They are ready to eat and don’t require the husk to be removed. A bonus for you, but also a bonus for birds who don’t want to waste their energy opening husks.

You can shop our sunflower hearts here.

Sunflower heart chips are another variation of sunflower seeds. They are in fact kibbled sunflower hearts, also ideal for feeding during the spring and summer months where fledglings, with small, soft beaks are in abundance.

You can shop our sunflower heart chips here.

Black sunflower seeds are another type of sunflower seed. Black sunflower seeds are pacaked full of essential oils and hold high nutritional value for birds, making them the perfect addition to any meal!

In their definition, they are known as ‘meatier’ than other sunflower seeds and attract a lot of wild birds looking for a good energy source, specifically after migration or breeding seasons. So these make a good treat year round! Black sunflower seeds are packed with the nutrients to maintain the health of birds’ ligaments, cartilage and plumage.

You can shop our black sunflower seeds here.

sunflower hearts spring time feeding

How To Feed Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds can be fed in a number of different ways which is what makes them so versatile for such a large variety of bird species. Whether the birds are natural ground feeders like robins or prefer perching on hanging bird feeders, they can enjoy sunflower seeds!

Hanging bird feeders are an attractive option for a large number of bird species and have the added bonus of being more squirrel-proof.

A number of bird species are natural ground feeders and so a bird table is the best option when attracting these types of birds.

Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

All types of sunflower seeds are packed full of vitamins and minerals that make for healthy birds. Containing calcium, vitamin B, iron and potassium, they are a brilliant snack for birds all year round.

Sunflower seeds are a brilliant choice of bird seed for any type of bird you are attracting to your garden (and their young!)

sunflower seed feeding

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