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The Advantages Of Feeding Birds In Your Garden

The Advantages Of Feeding Birds In Your Garden

Seeing birds visit your garden, is the best way for avid bird watchers to get up close and personal with their favourite flying friends. However, what is the advantages of feeding birds in your garden?

This blog aims to uncover some of the top benefits that feeding birds in your garden has to offer and exactly why, even if you're not particularly a bird lover, you should do it.

sparrow on feeder

Benefits Of Feeding Birds In Your Garden

There are several specific benefits that feeding birds in your garden has, for both the birds and your garden.


There are a few species of birds that pollinate your garden flowers!

We all know the advantages of pollination, your flowers will grow bigger and brighter and add to the beauty of your garden. Pollination of your garden flowers has a reciprocal relationship with birds, more bright flowers attract different birds and other species, and more birds and species result in more flowers!

Watch The Hidden Beauty Of Pollination.

Reduction Of Bugs

Birds only receive 25% of their daily intake from your feeders. So why bother? Birds visit your garden and eat their first course, they then might as well stay there and look for live food sources. 

Attracting birds to your garden is a good way of getting rid of all those pesky bugs and insects.

Reduction Of Weeds

We know, how do birds and weeds relate? Birds can be a gardener's best friend when it comes to removing weeds.

Many birds, such as the Goldfinch, feed on weeds. Similarly, to remove bugs, the birds come to your garden and they will do the gardening work for you!

Keep Birds Close To Their Young

Birds are more likely to visit your garden during nesting season when they need to be close to their babies.

Feeding birds in your garden provides them with a safe space to collect food to deliver back to their young. It’s also a place nearby for fledglings to venture when they are at first fending for themselves

Offering bird food in your gardens is a good way of offering birds a steady calorie intake all year round.


Winter is a crucial time for birds when access to live food sources is slim. Not all birds migrate during the winter and many need a safe place to feed during the colder months.

Whether they need the energy for a long migration, or they are sticking around, offering bird food during the winter months is highly beneficial for birds.

Entertainment Value

Sure, birds visiting your garden, is great for them, great for the garden, but it can be also great for you!

Especially during the summer months when breeding season is well underway, birds' songs and appearance are at their strongest so you can be sure to see a lot of vibrant colours and loud calls.

Attracting birds to your garden can have a huge benefit on your mental health.

“Spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing”

woodpecker on feeder

The Importance Of Bird Feeders

It’s good to know the advantages of feeding birds in your garden, but it’s also essential that you know how. The importance of bird feeders is vital when it comes to feeding birds in your garden.

Helps Birds Spend Less Time

A garden with a bird feeder means that birds can spend less time foraging for natural food. This is pivotal when it comes to summer when birds can’t stand long durations in the heat and also when they have to return to their young.

Uninterrupted Bird Food Supply

No matter what day or time of night you want your garden visitors to be fed. There is an ongoing decline in forest areas and natural land sources and so offering birds food through a bird feeder in your garden gives them a constant supply of nutrients.

There are a number of advantages of feeding birds in your garden, and there is no better season to start than in the summer. British garden birds are in their abundance over the next coming months!

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