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The Benefits Of Feeding Wild Birds In The Winter

The Benefits Of Feeding Wild Birds In The Winter

Feeding birds all year round can have so many benefits, not only for the birds but for you as well. Although we may see fewer birds visiting our gardens in winter, that isn’t to say that we shouldn’t be feeding them. Often, birds rely on the extra nutrients that you offer in your bird feeders to keep them in optimal health from one season to the next. This blog aims to explore the benefits of feeding wild birds in winter.

There are so many myths surrounding bird feeding, especially bird feeding during the winter months. To feed or not to feed is usually the question when it comes to winter habits. We’re here to not only set the record straight that yes, you should feed birds during winter but also offer an insight into the benefits of it.

Why You Should Feed Wild Birds In Winter

As a general rule, birds need food all year round, but as we wrap up in an extra jumper and put the fire on, winter is most probably the time when taking care of birds is the most important. Although many species of birds migrate to warmer weather during the winter months, so many stay here in Britain and need feeding!

Feeding wild birds in winter can host a variety of benefits.

Natural Food Sources Are Depleted

During winter many of birds’ natural food sources like insects and fruits are much fewer in numbers. Replacing what they would typically find in the wild like mealworms and fruit is a brilliant way of replacing nutrients like for like and keeping them coming back to your garden.

We also see that the bird species that don’t migrate tend to alter their diets during the winter months, aiming to get the most out of what they usually find in the wild.

Seeds Are Depleted

The depletion of food sources doesn’t only apply to that nature and live food, but to seeds too. Most of the seeds that many birds prefer (like sunflower seeds) are in abundance during flowering seasons. One thing is that the amount of seeds is lower, however, those that are available are often blown away or the bitter whether rids them of their moisture.

Birds are also faced with shorter days in the winter months meaning that whether the food source they are looking for is live or seeds, they have less time to find it.

Birds Need Extra Calories

During the colder months, it is crucial for birds to stock up on that ever-important layer of fat beneath their feathers. Whether it be needing the energy to migrate, more fat content to keep them warm or needing more to survive due to the longer periods of time without natural food, birds need more calories during the colder months.

Offering them alternate, or extra food in your garden means they can get the right amount of calories and nutrients to survive.

Natural Water Sources Are Frozen

Birds don’t just need seeds, fruit and mealworms to survive, Like any other species, they rely on water. In the bitterly cold British winters, many natural water sources like lakes and rivers are frozen over. Offering them clean and fresh water in bird baths can aid wild birds’ survival during winter.

Feeding Wild Birds in Winter With Kennedy Wild Bird Food

When it comes to feeding wild birds, it’s important that you know the when, the how, but also the why. Feeding wild birds in winter hosts so many benefits, mostly due to the fact that it is much harder for wild birds to find enough of the right food to survive through the winter.

We provide high-quality bird food, alongside high-quality advice. Shop our bird food and read more of our blog to learn more about feeding wild birds in winter.

If you want to discuss more of the benefits of feeding wild birds during the colder month, call a member of our team. Kennedy Wild Bird Food are eager to educate on all there is to know about bird feeding.

Call us today on 01778 342665 or email

As always, if you are lucky enough to have garden visitors during the winter, be sure to log it on the Birdspotter app!

5th Jul 2023 Kennedy Wild

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