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The Ultimate Guide to Using Suet Products and Fat Balls

The Ultimate Guide to Using Suet Products and Fat Balls

Bird Suet

Suet for birds. Fat balls and other fat-based products provide excellent nutrition for birds in the colder, winter months, however, they are also suitable for summer feeding. Fat and suet are an important source of high energy for birds, which is why our fat balls, suet pellets and suet products are beneficial for birds all year round. To help you decide what’s best for your birds, here’s our handy guide with everything you’ll ever need to know about suet products and fat balls!

Benefits of Suet Products In Summer

Suet is a great substitute for insect-eating birds in summer and is beneficial in years when the insect population is low. Providing it all year round ensures birds have sufficient energy and supports their accelerated metabolisms. Nowadays, suet can come in many different forms, fat balls, suet pellets suet logs or suet filled coconut shells. It can be formulated with seeds, fruits and insects. This provides excellent nutritional benefits, as well as making the product more palatable to a wide variety of birds, so they will keep coming back for more!

How To Use Bird Suet Products

Suet feeders and fat ball feeders should be placed at least 5-feet from the ground and close to a tree trunk to encourage feeding from ‘cling feeder’ birds. Also, in the warmer, summer months it’s important to keep feeders away from direct sunlight to prevent the product melting or softening. Melted suet can give off a stronger smell and may spoil due to the heat, which could be potentially harmful to birds. Alternatively, you can make your own suet-based bird food by pouring melted suet onto a mixture of nutritional ingredients such as seeds, nuts and dried fruit. See our Suet special blend bird food.

Suet Pellets

Suet pellets are a clean, minimal-mess alternative to traditional suet, that will provide your birds with sufficient energy, all year round. Our Mixed Flavour Suet Pellets contain a mix of Insect, Berry, Fruit, Mealworm suet pellets. These delicious pellets will attract a wide variety of birds and leave them wanting more! Alternatively boxes of single flavour suet pellets can be purchased. To accompany your pellets, we also supply high-quality Pellet Feeders. These are perfect for dispensing your pellets, as they make them easily accessible for birds.

Fat Balls

Fat balls are a nutritious and delicious treat for your birds, that will keep them energised all year round! Our Fat Balls are high quality and come in both ‘small’ and ‘giant’ sizes, depending on your preference. They also come without a net, making them safer for your birds and can be placed in one of our handy feeders. Our Small Fat Ball Feeder holds up to 4 fat balls, and is the perfect garden accessory! Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide which food is best for your birds. If you require more information, just contact us by phone or email.
14th Jul 2017 Kennedy Wild

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