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What Is The Best Bird Food In Summer?

What Is The Best Bird Food In Summer?

It’s difficult keeping up with the seasons when it comes to bird feeding. As explored in our previous blog, you can expect during the summer months to see some unfamiliar faces returning to British gardens – so, what is the best bird food in summer?

It’s a common misconception that during summer, we should hold off on bird feeding. This isn’t the case! Feeding birds is important year-round to deliver them the appropriate nutrients they need to survive each season.

Sure, appropriate food sources differ slightly from season to season, so this blog aims to explore what bird food is best to put in your feeders these next few coming months in summer.

Are Sunflower Seeds Bad For Wild Birds?

Feeding Birds In Summer

Let’s jump back to that ‘common misconception’ that many have during Summer. With new bird populations being in abundance and the warm (often still wet in Britain) weather, many believe that birds have access to natural food sources and so feeding birds from your garden will make them lazy and complacent. 

Wild birds in fact receive around 25% of their daily intake from bird feeders, some even lower. That’s why, during summer and the time when birds are returning to British gardens and protecting their young, giving them an extra boost of energy in bird seed is important.

Don’t be alarmed to see fewer birds at your feeders, however. This is sometimes the case when birds are nesting and naturally becoming more protective of their young.

What Is The Best Bird Food In Summer?

So now we know that it’s important to feed birds during summer, we need to know what the best bird food is for them during this time.

Birds, during the summer months, require plenty of protein to look after their fledglings.

So, what food gives them the right nutrients?

  • Seeds

Specifically, sunflowers seeds and Nyjer seeds, which provide high levels of protein and healthy fats, to see birds through the summer.

Sunflower hearts particularly are easy and quick for birds to eat without the tough coat to crack open, perfect for the warm weather when birds don’t want to spend too long on the bird tables in the heat.

The closest replica to the natural food source birds will find in the wild. This is a firm favourite in summer as birds love live food sources for their young. It’s a good option to rehydrate mealworms with a bit of water during summer to provide birds with added hydration.

great tit bird on feeder

Bird Food To Avoid In Summer

When deciding the best bird food in summer, it’s important to acknowledge the foods that we recommend you stay away from during summer and the all-important nesting season for birds.

  • Peanuts

Although a valuable energy-boosting option, peanuts can cause more damage than good to fledglings and baby birds. There are ways in which you can use bird peanuts to feed safely but just be aware that not all nuts are particularly good all year round.

  • Suet

Suet and fat balls must be kept away from sunlight to prevent melting or going bad, causing potential harm to birds. They can be used as a good energy source year-round but the summer heat can cause suet and fat balls to easily spoil.

Tips For Feeding Birds In Summer

Now you know what bird food is best in summer, we want to offer you some top tips to make sure your garden is a popular site in these coming months.

  • Keep feeders in the shade if possible
  • Provide fresh water for birds to rehydrate and bathe in
  • Be sure your bird feeders don’t attract other furry friends if possible
  • Avoid foods that will be a choking risk for baby birds.

Kennedy Wild Bird Foods

At Kennedy Wild Bird Foods we supply quality bird food all year round, including those foods that are perfect for the summer months. Shop our range of bird feed today!

Alternatively, if you’d like some more advice on the best bird food in summer, contact us!

You can call us on 01778 342665

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Our team of friendly experts are on hand to offer advice and answer any queries you may have regarding bird food in summer.

5th Jul 2023 Rachel Weinhold

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