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Which Birds Prefer Sunflower Seeds?

Which Birds Prefer Sunflower Seeds?

If you enjoy feeding the birds or are thinking about getting a bird feeder then you might want to look at all the different options there are when it comes to buying bird food.

Bird food comes in lots of different forms and varieties. Different birds like different types of food so you might want to consider this when planning what type of food you put out.

Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we have a range of different foods, including nuts, suet balls mealworms and seeds. We are especially proud of our good quality, nutritious sunflower seeds.

If you are thinking of putting sunflower seeds our for your garden birds then you might want to know which birds prefer sunflower seeds.

Why Choose Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seeds are great seeds to feed your garden birds. They are incredibly healthy and the bird will really benefit from having sunflower seeds in their diet.

Sunflower seeds are packed full of good fats and proteins. Birds need fat and protein in their diets. Fats and protein help the birds maintain a healthy weight and give them the strength and energy they need throughout the day.

Birds tend to need more fats and protein in the winter. Temperatures can drop to freezing and it can be difficult for the bird to maintain a good body temperature without these necessary fats and proteins in their diets.

For that extra protein boost, you can feed your garden birds black sunflower seeds.

What Are Black Sunflower Seeds?

Black sunflower seeds are a type of sunflower seed that is extremely healthy and good for garden birds. They are full of important minerals and nutrients that birds need to survive and are high in oils and proteins.

They are also a source of calcium that garden birds need. Calcium is important for birds and is needed to develop strong bones and can improve the quality and hardness of their eggshells.

Black sunflower seeds have a slightly thinner outer shell which makes them easier for birds to eat and are meatier than some other seeds tend to be.

Other nutritional benefits of black sunflower seeds include

  • 28% fat
  • 25% fiber
  • 15% percent protein
  • Calcium
  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin E
  • Iron
  • Potassium
Black Sunflower Seeds

What Other Types Of Sunflower Seeds Are There?

There are a few different types of sunflower seeds you can feed to your garden birds. Remember you should ways get seeds and nuts from someone who specialises in bird food.

Buying nuts and seeds from a supermarket may be tempting but sometimes these products have been treated with chemicals and might contain preservatives that are harmful to birds.

Using a professional bird food company like Kennedy Wild Bird Food is the only way to ensure the seeds you are feeding to your garden birds are safe for them to eat.

Other types of sunflower seeds include:

  • Striped sunflower seeds –  Stripped sunflower seeds are the entire seed. Birds don’t often go for these as the shell is quite hard and it can be tough for birds to get them open. Birds don’t tend to eat the shells of seeds and are trying to get to the heart inside.
  • Sunflower Hearts – Sunflower hearts are simply the nutritious insides of sunflower seeds but without the shell. This is ideal for smaller birds who can’t open the shells with their smaller softer beaks.  
  • Sunflower heart chips – Sunflower heart chips are chipped or flaked sunflower hearts. This is ideal for small and very young birds who cant eat bigger seeds but still need all the nutrients sunflower seeds provide.
Sunflower Heart Chips

Which Birds Prefer Sunflower Seeds?

Sunflower seeds are safe for most birds to eat. A lot of the time birds aren't picky and will eat whatever is available. They are smart and resourceful animals that can easily and happily adapt their diet to suit whatever is available to them.

A variety of birds will come to eat from your feeder if you have sunflower seeds and changing to sunflower seeds won’t deter any of the garden birds you already have.

Using sunflower seeds however might lead to an increase of certain birds using your feeds, like finches, sparrows, nuthatches, jays and tits.

Where can I Buy Sunflower Seeds?

Kennedy Wild Bird Feed provides the best quality bird food for your garden birds. We have a range of birds foods for you to choose from depending on what is right for you and the birds you like to feed.

We have everything from protein-packed mealworms, to fatty suet balls and pellets, to our top-quality sunflower seeds for birds. We offer delicious nutritious bird food at a competitive price and offer free next day delivery.

12th Jul 2021 Rachel Weinhold

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