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Why Autumn Bird Feeding Is Vital for Wild Bird Survival

Why Autumn Bird Feeding Is Vital for Wild Bird Survival

Autumn is one of the best times to feed birds. The right feeds can help birders to attract a wide variety of birds, both local species and migrating ones, to their backyard banquet.

The only issue is that there can be misconceptions regarding bird feeding during the autumnal months. One of the main misconceptions is that giving birds a steady food source will make disrupt migration patterns or they’ll come to depend solely upon bird feeders.

However, that’s not true. And that’s why we’ve created this post. We want you to know just how important it is to feed wild birds in autumn.

Quick Facts About Feeding Birds in Autumn

Feeding the wild birds in the autumn season actually gives many opportunities to birdlife.

  1. To any garden regulars that have been accustomed to taking the feed from your bird feeders during the earlier months, continuing to put out feed provides them with a much-needed food source.
  2. Migrating birds will have the ideal solution for when they need a quick snack to get their energy back up. Whether that’s so that they can hunt or continue their journey doesn’t really matter. As long as they’re fed.
  3. If you’re someone who often has feed in your bird feeder, this will ensure that wild birds are aware that your garden is a constant food source. It offers them the stability that there will still be a resource come winter time when food is scarce.
  4. Putting out feed in your bird feeders gives you the chance to see many birds that you may not usually see, especially not in your backyard. You can stick to the same feed or switch it up to attract some different winged friends.

Reasons to Feed Birds in the Autumnal Months

A constantly evolving season, feeding birds during the autumn time can be quite rewarding for some. But if birders can maintain that their feeders are fully stocked then it helps in assisting migrating birds to gather nutrients.

Here’s some additional reasons why feeders should be fully stocked:

  • Local birds will be aided in accumulating fat stores to withstand decreasing temperatures.
  • It assists migratory birds who are passing by to refuel.
  • An additional food source provides birds with a dependable source of food if natural resources are exhausted going into winter.

Best Foods for Autumn

Just as many other wildlife species require nutrition, birds need high energy and high fat foods to help them stay warm once winter months approach.

Beneath their feathers, birds keep an essential layer of fat that helps them regulate their body temperature during the cold season. It’s essential to give birds food sources with a high percentage of healthy fats and oils as well as nutrients when they are being fed during autumn.

Taking into account the demands of the birds while feeding is absolutely crucial, too.

Let’s take a look at some autumn friendly feeds:

Every single one of these contains the right amounts of both oil and fat to be transferred into energy. Something that will contribute towards the survival of the birds.

Furthermore, fresh water is a vital supplement for birds all year round. Especially, though, during winter when the temperatures drop and natural water sources begin to freeze over.

Do I Need to Change My Feeder?

Really, the feeders should be adjusted according to their content. And this is a given considering that a bird’s diet transitions to fattier foods.

In the winter seasons, suet or fruit-filled bird feeders are frequently a perennial favourite. Try to remember the type of birds that are more prevalent during this time, too. Birds like Robins, for example, which are very ground-focused and so are also ground-feeders.

It’s advantageous to accommodate all birds, including ones that don’t typically perch.

How Often Do Birds Feed During Autumn?

Birds’ access to natural resources for food are limited as a result of colder climates which means they may rely more frequently on the nutrients from our own backyards. During autumn, routinely placing food and water out will make your garden more attractive.

And doing it at least twice a day will ensure that any feathery visitors are well looked after.

Once in the morning, and then again in the afternoon – early afternoon, considering it’s dark early – will most likely attract the most birds. These are the times when the day is brightest.

Autumn With Kennedy Wild Bird Food

We’re aware that it may be challenging to stay on top of seasonal fluctuations in bird feeding. Which is why, at Kennedy, we want to ensure year-round survival by providing top quality bird feed to go in top quality bird feeders.

Through our articles, our expertise provides you insight into the new season and why you should continue to feed birds during autumnal months. These articles are written by us, for you.

Do you want some advice for feeding birds in autumn, including what’s best to feed them? Tell us!

You can reach out to us by phoning 01778 342 665 right now. Alternatively, you can send us an email if digital is your preferred contact method.

Remember, you can log and monitor all your bird sightings on Birdspotter.

5th Jul 2023 Rachel Weinhold

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