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Winter Garden Birds

Winter Garden Birds

As the snow hits most of the UK, and we start to add extra layers for our winter walks, many of us are starting to see different birds this winter. Many birds come to England for the colder months, some of which stay here year-round. This blog aims to explore winter garden birds in an attempt to help you identify the flying beauties that visit your garden this winter.

As always, if you are lucky enough to spot one of the bird breeds we explore in this blog - you can log it in the Birdspotter App!


What Birds Can We Expect In Our Gardens This Winter?

There are many birds, whether native to the UK or just visitors avoiding even colder weather conditions, that visit our gardens across the winter months. But who are we expecting to see this winter?


A common image on a Christmas card, the Robin. Although the Robin is the picture of winter, you can actually spot this red-breasted beauty all year round - especially in your garden! Robins tend to stick around woodland areas so a garden full of trees and bushes is bound to attract them.

Like most birds, winter can in fact be fatal for Robins who can lose 10% of their body weight in just one cold night. Investing in a Robin feeder is a brilliant way of making sure you spot them as well as doing your bit in protecting them throughout the colder months.


Another native of the UK, the Starling.

The conservation status for this bird breed is red, meaning the number of Starlings is in decline and the species are globally threatened. That being said, it is now, during winter, that it is the most important to ensure continuous feeding for these birds to avoid their depleting numbers even further.

Like Blackbirds and Thrushes, Starlings enjoy a mixture of fruits, seeds and nuts to boost their energy and keep them warm, aiding their survival this winter.

Blue Tit

Arguably the most well-recognised and well-loved bird in British Gardens. The Blue Tit is one you most definitely won’t miss in the snowy weather - with its yellow belly and striking blue feathers. Blue Tits are certainly hungry - often consuming up to 30% of their body weight in food on a cold day, so you will likely see them around your bird feeders in daylight hours.


Once just a summer visitor in Britain, it’s now more often that Blackcaps visit from mainland Europe to spend winter in our gardens. Many Blackcaps are in fact now residents in the UK, most probably due to our generous bird-feeding habits.

There are thought to be around 1.2 million breeding territories of blackcap in the UK, with 3,000 wintering birds.

How To Make Your Gardens Attractive For Birds This Winter

Turning your garden into a winter wonderland for wildlife is of course no mean feat. However, there are things you can do to ensure that winter garden birds are cared for and your garden is welcoming. 

Winter, especially this winter it seems, is a season of bitterly cold nights and crisp days. Making sure there is plenty of food and shelter for birds during these months will greatly contribute to the conservation of some of the rarest species.

Creating cosy spaces for birds by avoiding picking up fallen twigs and leaves is key to saving birds and other wildlife like hedgehogs during cold nights and days.

Winter At Kennedy Wild Bird Food

At Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we don’t only pride ourselves on offering top-quality bird food and bird feeders but top-quality advice too! As bird baths freeze over and bird feeders become frosty, we understand the difficulties many bird watchers experience during these winter months.

Winter garden birds require food and shelter during these months more than ever to ensure their survival. If you want to learn more about which winter garden birds you will likely see these coming months or advice on how to look after them - get in touch!

You can call us on 01778 342665 or drop us a line at

5th Jul 2023 Rachel Weinhold

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