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Kennedy Wild Bird Food Guide to the Bullfinch

The Eurasian bullfinch is one of Britain's most secretive yet beautiful birds. They are very easy to spot, with their stocky stature and bright red bellies. They are rarely seen in gardens across the country, but they are often spotted in the countryside and in overgrown hedges. We are here to take a look at the bullfinch and tell you everything you need to know about these tiny birds.

What does a bullfinch look like?

Male Male & Female
The bullfinch has a very round body and breast, often looking very round and puffed up. The species' colours and patterns vary depending on sex, with the males sporting a reddish pink breast and black head and the females appearing in a more subdued brown shade. Both have similar markings on the head and wings, and both have similar body shapes, making them easy to distinguish from other finches.

What does a bullfinch eat?

These wild birds are partial to a varied diet, from berries to seeds and even the odd invertebrate. They love the taste of our sunflower hearts and are particularly fond of our Superior Finch mix. Due to it's short, rounded beak, bullfinches are used to feeding on shrubs, hedges and fruit trees, so make sure you mix it up and have a variety in your bird seed mixes.

What does a bullfinch song sound like?

The bullfinch song can often carry very long distances due to its high pitched, sharp chirp. You'll hear it's song often coming in short bursts, so high that it can be likened more to a squeak than a tweet. Click here to listen

Behaviours of a bullfinches

Bullfinches, although preferring more secluded parts of the UK, have started to venture into our gardens over the past few years, due to their taste for sunflower hearts and sunflower seeds. They are known as being very shy birds, but our bird spotters have seen a number of bullfinches in the wild over the past few months, particularly in the northern part of the UK.

Where and when can I see a bullfinch?

The bullfinch can be spotted all year round, but catching a glimpse can prove tricky. If you're looking to attract these small birds into your garden, make sure to grab some of their favourite bird foods like Sunflower hearts, Niger seed or our Superior Finch mix Don't forget, if you spot a bullfinch, make sure to log it in our Kennedy Wild Bird Food Birdspotter app!

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