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Premium Suet Cake Blocks - Berry

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Premium Suet Cake Blocks - Berry
Premium Suet Cake Blocks - Berry
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Suet blocks for birds Suet blocks for birds are a high energy supplement. Favourite with many bird species. Excellent all year round feed but especially through winter months and nesting season. Feed from suet block holder or similar. Supplied in packs of 10 blocks at 280 gm each. Suet is a great substitute for insect-eating birds in summer and is beneficial in years when the insect population is low. Presented all year round it ensures birds have sufficient energy and supports their accelerated metabolisms. Formulated with mealworms, fruits and insects. This provides excellent nutritional benefits, as well as making the product more palatable to a wide variety of birds, so they will keep coming back for more! Suet block feeders should be placed at least 5-feet from the ground and close to a tree trunk or bush to encourage feeding from ‘cling feeder’ birds. Also, in the warmer, summer months it’s important to keep feeders away from direct sunlight to prevent the product melting or softening. Melted suet can give off a stronger smell and may spoil due to the heat, which could be potentially harmful to birds. Always ensure water is available Price includes Next Day Delivery and VAT where applicable

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