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Suet Pellets Bird Food Mealworm Flavour

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Suet Pellets Bird Food Mealworm Flavour
Suet Pellets Bird Food Mealworm Flavour
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Mealworm Suet Pellets Mealworm suet pellets are a nutritious treat for your birds full of essential fats that help them thrive, especially during colder months and breeding and fledging season when young birds are learning how to source their own food. Mealworm flavour suet pellets are also a very versatile source of food. See also our Suet special blend bird food. They can be used on their own or mixed with other types of bird feed to attract a wide variety of birds. They can also be fed from ground trays, various seed feeders and even peanut feeders.
  • Always ensure water is available
  • Suet pellets Mealworm Flavour 12.75 kg. Always ensure water is available
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Which birds eat mealworm flavoured suet pellets?

One of the great things about suet pellets is you can control which birds you want to feed with them. Birds such as blackbirds, robins and wrens will happily peck them straight off the ground. However, if you fill seed or peanut feeders with suet pellets they will attract smaller birds that like to feed from a perch such as blue tits and sparrows. This new bird food line from Kennedy’s is a clean no mess and no grow way of giving your birds a high energy all year-round food. Don’t forget to look at our bird feeders and bird seed mixes which make a good mix when used with the suet pellets and can attract wide varieties of wild birds into your garden. See also our Mealworm blend bird food.

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Gordon Truman on 8th Feb 2022

    They are firm in texture and not much 'dust'

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