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Wildlife products from Kennedy wild bird food. We all love to attract Britain’s best birds to our gardens. But there is also other wildlife that pay our outdoor spaces a visit too. Badgers, squirrels, foxes and hedgehogs are often seen near our homes. Making sure they feel welcome is very important for conservation efforts. Take a look at some of our top wildlife feeds and homes and start turning your garden into a wildlife friendly haven.

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  • Jacobi Jayne I Love Hedgehogs Food Mix

    Jacobi Jayne I Love Hedgehogs Food Mix

    Jacobi Jayne
    Nutritious and delicious, this is an ideal complementary food to help hedgehogs thrive. In step with latest research, it has a carefully balanced level between calcium and phosphorus for better bone health and is tooth-friendly with no sticky sultanas...
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  • Hedgehogs
  • Squirrels
  • Nestlings and Fledglings
  • Bees


As their name suggests, hedgehogs love to hide in the leafy undergrowth of hedges. Even if you don’t have hedges in your garden you can still attract hedgehogs by leaving some shrubby areas in the corners of your garden and cutting a small hole in your fence for easy access.


Squirrels are acrobatic opportunists when it comes to sneaking food from our feathered friends. As many bird lovers know, they often find ingenious ways of breaking into bird feeders. To keep the peace in your garden make sure you have separate feeding stations. Squirrels especially enjoy peanuts in shells and sunflower seeds but mostly our blended squirrel food.

Nestlings and Fledglings

There’s nothing better than watching your favourite birds raise a family in your own garden. All birds nest differently. Robins like open boxes, whereas blue tits need a fully contained box with a small opening. We have a full range of nest boxes to accommodate a wide variety of birds and help make them feel at home.


Attracting pollinators to your garden encourages biodiversity and helps keep your garden flowering year on year. Not only do bees pollinate much of our native flora, they are also responsible for about one-third of our daily diet! While there are about 20,000 different species of bees recent studies have shown that a third of British wild bees and hoverflies are in decline.


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