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Kennedy Wild

Kennedy Wild Blackbird And Thrush Bird Food

3 reviews Write a Review
Kennedy Wild Blackbird And Thrush Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Blackbird And Thrush Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Blackbird And Thrush Bird Food
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Premium Bird Food for Thrushes and Blackbirds

Attract the enchanting melodies of thrushes and blackbirds to your garden with our premium de-luxe Blackbird and Thrush Food. Specially blended to entice 'song birds,' this high-energy mix is enhanced with fruit for year-round feeding delight.

This nutritious blend features sunflower hearts, raisins/sultanas, suet pellets (berry), peanut granules, flaked maize, flaked naked oats, and rape seed oil. Best served on bird tables or ground feeders to indulge these delightful visitors.

Product Highlights:
  • High-Energy Formula
  • Suitable for Year-Round Feeding
  • Nutrient-Rich Ingredients
  • Ideal for Thrushes and Blackbirds
  • Easy to Serve and Enjoy

Experience the joy of a garden duet as thrushes and blackbirds grace your outdoor space with their distinctive songs. Listen to the tinkling bell-like song of the thrush and the confident chirrup of the blackbird. Both are known for their unique melodies that add a delightful soundtrack to your surroundings.

Attracting these beautiful birds is easy with our specially formulated Blackbird and Thrush Food. Packed with tempting treats they can't resist, it's a wonderful addition to your garden that brings nature's symphony to life. Ensure water is available for your feathered visitors.

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Product Reviews

  • 5

    One Of My Best Buys

    Posted by Mrs Pamela Starr on 9th May 2024

    I nearly didn't buy this food but I'm so glad I did. Seems it's not just song birds that enjoy it, even the doves and pigeons dive into it as soon as I put it out. Also a pair of magpies nesting in my tree, they seem to wait for me to appear every morning and have a feast! Great food, I'll certainly be buying more.

  • 5

    Good value

    Posted by Pauline Brenda Sherratt on 21st Nov 2023

    Very good

  • 5

    Posted by Nupur Garg on 9th Feb 2022

    Birds love this mix. Not only blackbirds but also the water fowl and pidgeons

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