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Kennedy Wild

Kennedy Wild Roasted Peanut Chips

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Kennedy Wild Roasted Peanut Chips
Kennedy Wild Roasted Peanut Chips
Kennedy Wild Roasted Peanut Chips
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Wild bird peanuts roasted Peanut granules or kibbled peanuts for wild birds are tiny chopped peanuts that prevent young birds from choking, hence they are excellent for summer feeding. Extra high in oil and protein. Are included in place of whole peanuts in many of the Kennedy wild bird mixtures. When used on their own, to maintain freshness, feed in small amounts.  
  • All our wild bird peanuts are certified as nil detectable signs of aflatoxin.
  • Always ensure water is available.
  • Price includes Free Next Day Delivery.

What kind of birds like peanut granules?

Most birds love to eat wild bird peanuts but they especially attract these common and not so common garden birds:  

Why are kibbled peanuts good for birds?

Peanuts are protein rich and full of healthy fats and nutrients that help birds stay healthy all year round. Whole peanuts can cause nestlings and fledglings to choke so granules or kibbles can provide a great alternative. It’s important to get your peanut products from reputable sources like Kennedy Bird Food as some wildlife food grade peanuts can contain the toxic substance aflatoxin which is harmful to birds. Kennedy's wild bird peanuts are carefully sourced for quality so you can rest assured that your garden birds are only ever getting the very best.

How to feed peanut granules to your garden birds

You can mix our peanut granules in with other seeds to make bird “muesli.” You can also be mix into lard and suet to make bird “cakes” to add variety to your bird feeders.  

Did you know?

Wren’s are the most common breeding bird in the UK. Sadly their numbers decline during winter months as they struggle to keep warm due to their small size. Peanut granules are the perfect, energy packed snack for Wrens. Wrens love to dart about close to the ground near the shelter of stonewalls and hedges. Use ground feeders to provide an easy fast food for this well-loved British bird.


Kennedy Wild Bird Food

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