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Kennedy Wild

Kennedy Wild Premium Sunflower Heart Chips

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£9.00 - £44.50
Kennedy Wild Premium Sunflower Heart Chips
Kennedy Wild Premium Sunflower Heart Chips
Kennedy Wild Premium Sunflower Heart Chips
Kennedy Wild Premium Sunflower Heart Chips
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Sunflower heart chips for birds Sunflower heart chips for wild birds are actually kibbled sunflower hearts. They are loved by all birds and ideal for use in feeders, tables or scattered on the ground. Birds with smaller or softer beaks can eat and digest them easier than hearts. This makes them ideal for feeding during spring and summer months when fledglings are in abundance. Always ensure water is available when feeding sunflower heart chips to birds.

What are sunflower heart chips?

Sunflower hearts are the inner seed found when the black husk from black sunflower seeds is removed. Kibbled sunflower hearts are a great energy and protein source of bird food for wild birds. They may not be as pretty as our whole premium sunflower hearts, but be assured they contain exactly the same nutrients and goodness - and the birds will go wild for them! They’re a wonderful all year-round feed for many garden birds. Like our sunflower hearts, the husk has been removed so there is no waste in your bird feeders or on the ground. Additionally the seed will not propagate, so there will be no unsightly growth under your feeders. If you’re looking to attract any of the following birds to your garden, sunflower heart chips will be a hit with:  

Why are sunflower hearts good for birds?

Sunflower Hearts are packed with healthy oils, protein and have a high energy content (high calories) which makes them great for birds in all weathers and stages of life. They are also packed with plenty of nutrients to help fledglings and chicks grow. If you’re looking to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden, our quality sunflower hearts are a great choice. Sunflower chips are much softer than black sunflower seeds. The outer husk on a black sunflower seed is often hard for birds to crack through, whereas the spongy, soft sunflower heart is a much more versatile alternative.

Seasonal bird feeding

Fun fact: During the winter months, sunflower hearts provide birds with extra energy and can help them to keep warm!

Sunflower hearts 25kg and 13kg

Our high-quality sunflower heart chips are available as 25kg and 13kg sacks. All prices include next day delivery, so you can start to feed the birds in your garden immediately!

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Sunflower hearts

    Posted by Lorraine on 22nd Apr 2024

    Quality product. Consistently good and loved by birds. No waste.

  • 5

    Sunflower heart chips

    Posted by Lorraine on 27th Nov 2023

    First class sunflower heart chips, very well packed and delivered fast. Wonderful customer service.

  • 5

    My review

    Posted by Glenn Baden Kerfoot on 11th Oct 2023

    Great value for money

  • 5

    Posted by Peter on 8th Feb 2022

    Fantastic quality, the birds bring their young to feed and I always ensure the seed is not too big. These sunflower chips are excellent.

  • 5

    Posted by Peter on 8th Feb 2022

    The sunflower chips were up to their excellent quality

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