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Kennedy Wild

Kennedy Wild Premium Finch Seed Mix Bird Food

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Kennedy Wild Premium Finch Seed Mix Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Premium Finch Seed Mix Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Premium Finch Seed Mix Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Premium Finch Seed Mix Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Premium Finch Seed Mix Bird Food
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Finch seed premium quality Our classic premium finch seed for wild birds is top quality. It was blended specifically with small farmland and garden birds in mind. Premium finch blended seeds is mixed to meet the ‘hungry gap’ when natural feeds are scarce. Contains a wonderful selection of the finest seeds and is suitable for all year round feeding. Premium finch blended seeds are best fed from seed feeders, scattered on the ground or on bird tables. Composition: Black sunflower (48%), white millet, red millet, plain canary seed, pinhead oats, peanut granules, safflower, hemp seed and rape seed oil. Contains no wheat. Always ensure water is available.
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Did you know?

From the rounded bill of the Hawfinch to the sharp point of the Redpoll, Finches beaks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The shape of a bird’s bill varies according to the principal type of food they eat and how they forage it. Due to this some Finches prefer hanging feeders, while others like to feed off the ground. Linnets, for example, feed mainly on the ground, pecking at field stubble amongst other Finches and Buntings. Goldfinches however are happy to eat from hanging feeders. In the winter Goldfinches can group together to form flocks (known as a charms) of up to 40 birds at a time! So make sure your feeders are well stocked!   Other types of Finch, such as Chaffinch are not so fussy and will happily feed from ground feeders, bird tables or hanging feeders. Try feeding from different kinds of feeder placed at different levels to attract as many kinds of Finch to your garden as possible. Our Premium Finch seed for wild birds is packed with a carefully chosen selection of oats, seeds, nuts and oils that will keep every variety of Finch healthy all year round.  

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Peter on 9th Feb 2022

    The finches in my garden go wild for this mixture

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