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Kennedy Wild

Kennedy Wild Superior Finch Seed Mix Bird Food

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Kennedy Wild Superior Finch Seed Mix Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Superior Finch Seed Mix Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Superior Finch Seed Mix Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Superior Finch Seed Mix Bird Food
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Superior finch bird seed Our classic superior finch bird seed was blended with Finches and other small garden birds in mind. Specifically blended to meet the ‘hungry gap’ when natural feeds are scarce. Superior finch seed contains a wonderful selection of the finest seeds and is suitable for all year round feeding. Best fed from seed feeders, scattered on the ground or on bird tables. Blended to the same high quality as our premium mixture, with black sunflower being replaced with sunflower hearts. Composition: Sunflower hearts (44%), white millet, red millet, plain canary seed, pinhead oats, peanut granules, safflower, hemp seed and rape seed oil. Contains no wheat. Always ensure water is available. See also our Superior economy bird seed. Click on reviews above to see all our customer feedback on this product. Must be stored in a cool dry place Price includes Next Day Delivery   There are many kinds of Finch to be found in Britain. Garden sightings of Finch's, have been increasing over recent years due to food shortages in the wild. Our Superior finch sees for wild birds is formulated to supplement the diet of these beautiful birds, all year round. Why not try our premium finch seed as the perfect compliment to this mixture.  

How many different kinds of finch can you spot in your garden?


The Chaffinch is a regular garden visitor, easily recognisable by their loud twittering song and the bright markings including a flash of white which their underwings reveal while in flight.


The Greenfinch is a common bird found in woodlands and hedgerows across Britain. Greenfinches are regular garden visitors and can be seen all year round. They are easily recognisable by their distinctive green and yellow feathers and their twittering song.


Siskins can be elusive, preferring the shade of coniferous woodlands. They have begun to frequent garden’s however, particularly in years of poor spruce seed crops. They are fairly common in Scotland and Wales, but can be seen more widely across England during the winter months.


A brightly coloured Finch with a red face and yellow streaked wing. Goldfinch are sociable and often breed in colonies. They have a joyful, twittering song and are a regular visitor to gardens.


The Bullfinch can be spotted in woodland, hedgerows and fruit orchards. They are also a fairly common visitor to larger gardens. Male Bullfinches are unmistakable by their bold red breast and black cap and can also be recognised by their whistling call.


The Brambling is especially common in Beech woodlands. They often will visit gardens during winter and can be recognised by their bold orange breast and white belly. They tend to form flocks of many thousands and often join with chaffinches and other finches.


The Hawfinch is the UK’s largest finch. They can be timid and harder to spot than other types of finch. Sadly, they are becoming more difficult to spot as their traditional breeding areas have declined.

Lesser Redpoll

Lesser Redpolls are often spotted in Silver Birch and Alder forests. Being elusive birds, they’re easiest to spot during winter, after all the trees have lost their leaves.


The Linnet are widespread across the UK on lowland farmland. They can be recognised by their melodious song and can often be seen in large flocks during winter.  

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Second time my ordering this seed

    Posted by Tracey scholes on 23rd May 2024

    Great variety of birds coming to feed now

  • 5

    Great food

    Posted by Pete Reay on 24th Apr 2024

    Attracts loads of different birds

  • 5

    I used to buy regularly from was surprized at being charged to deliver,i did recieve a phone call from yourselves,stating the reason why,I need to spend more! To get it free. Another reason I was unhappy was that the website has drastically changed

    Posted by Sandra welch on 6th Dec 2023

    Comment above

  • 5

    Posted by Lee on 24th Feb 2022

    Amazing quality bird seed, brilliant service and very happy birds.

  • 5

    Posted by Peter on 8th Feb 2022

    Premium quality bird seed, it looks and feels so different from other bird seeds I have purchased in the past. I won’t go back.

  • 5

    Posted by Peter on 8th Feb 2022

    It is a quality seed mix with no bulking up components like wheat so there is little or no waste

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