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Kennedy Wild Bird Food Guide to the Robin

Often referred to as the UK's favourite bird. The Robin can be spotted throughout the year with its bright red breast, especially at Christmas! We are here to take a look at the Robin, give you some useful facts and tell you everything you need to know about these beautiful little birds.

What does a Robin look like?

Male Robin Female Robin
It is one of the easiest European birds to identify. The red face distinguishes it from other red-breasted birds. Male and females look identical with their red and orange breasts, throats and foreheads, whereas young Robins have no red breast and are often spotted, dark and golden brown.

What does its song sound like?

Robins can be heard singing all year long. In fact, only for a short period in late summer do Robins stop singing. You will hear both male and female Robins singing, and you might hear them singing at night next to street lights. One of the most interesting Robin facts is that they have two types of song. In spring, Robin's song is very powerful and upbeat when compared to Autumn, where it is much more subdued. Click here to listen  

Behaviours of a Robin

When food is more readily available during the summer months, Robins are much more likely to forage for food in woodland rather than in our gardens. Throughout the rest of the year, they can be found searching for their favourite food, sunflower hearts, on our bird tables. Robins are considered to be very friendly birds!  Yoyou might even be able to get them to feed on your hand and you'll most certainly be able to spot them in your garden,

Where and when can I see this bird?

Robins live across the UK in woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens. You can spot them all year round, but you're more likely to see them in your garden outside of the summer months. Don't forget, if you spot a Robin, make sure to log it in our Kennedy Wild Bird Food Birdspotter app!

What do they eat?

Robins eat a wide variety of foods, including seeds, nuts, worms, suet, and fruit. If you're wondering how to attract Robins into your garden, try our specially blended Robin Mixture. Packed full of sunflower hearts, suet pellets and pinhead oats. Our Robin food mixture combines all of Robin's favourites, perfect for year round feeding.

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