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Kennedy Wild

Kennedy Wild Insect And Seed Blend Bird Food

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£9.95 - £49.95
Kennedy Wild Insect And Seed Blend Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Insect And Seed Blend Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Insect And Seed Blend Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Insect And Seed Blend Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Insect And Seed Blend Bird Food
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Insect blend bird food Our Insect blend bird food is blended from the finest ingredients to attract the small insect eating birds to your garden. Ideal for tits, warblers, wagtails flycatchers and many more. Best fed from seed feeders, scattered on bird tables or from a ground feeder. Composition: Sunflower hearts (35%), Suet pellets, Plain canary seed, white millet, red millet, peanut granules, hemp seed, dried pineapple chunks, raisins. insect waterfly, dried mealworms and rape seed oil.
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Attracting shy birds to your garden

Larger, more confident birds can hog feeders and intimidate their smaller, shyer cousins. Noisy birds that flock together in groups such as Starlings, or larger birds such as Pigeons can prove a problem when trying to attract Tits, Warblers, Wagtails, Flycatchers and other smaller species. One way to encourage your favourite birds to feel at home in your garden is to provide separate feeding stations with specifically designed feed. Our Insect blend bird food is packed with tasty, nutrient rich treats that will especially appeal to many varieties of small, insect eating bird. Providing different kinds of feeders at different heights can also help attract a wider variety of species to your garden.


Flycatchers are often found in woodland with open glades. They catch insects mid-flight, particularly flies, flying ants, moths and even bees and wasps though they may also be found sifting through vegetation and undergrowth in search of insects.


Warblers tend to prefer woodland habitats to gardens. However you may spot these elusive little birds in shrubby, wilder corners of your garden.  

Pied Wagtails

Known for their distinctive wagging tail, Pied Wagtails are real little characters. Though their habitats range from farmland to city centre they are mainly spotted in gardens during autumn and winter, when their main food source of invertebrates and flying insects are scarce. Our protein rich Insect Mix provides the essential fats needed during colder months while supplementing an insect eating bird’s diet all year round.


Kennedy Wild Bird Food

Product Reviews

  • 5

    my review

    Posted by Glenn Kerfoot on 4th Dec 2023

    Brill just what they want ...

  • 5

    Posted by Murtaza Lokhandwala on 9th Feb 2022

    Only just trying this but the birds know best and it goes very quickly - happy birds

  • 5

    Posted by Peter on 7th Feb 2022

    Top quality yet again. Great experience.

  • 5

    Posted by Ferzana Arastu on 7th Feb 2022

    Excellent service good quality feed.

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