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Kennedy Wild

Kennedy Wild Worm And Seed Blend Bird Food

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Kennedy Wild Worm And Seed Blend Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Worm And Seed Blend Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Worm And Seed Blend Bird Food
Kennedy Wild Worm And Seed Blend Bird Food
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Mealworm blend bird food Our highly nutritious mealworm blend bird food has been blended specifically to attract Blackbirds, and Thrushes. Best fed scattered on bird tables or from a ground feeder. Can block seed feeders in very wet conditions. Composition: Sunflower hearts (48%), peanut granules, kibbled maize, flaked naked oats, hemp seed a very generous sprinkling of mealworms and rape seed oil.  
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Why are meal worms so good for birds?

Sadly there is a high mortality rate in young birds. Many fledglings don’t make it past their first year. Indeed, this statistic is true for even some of our most well-loved garden birds. Studies have shown that only about 10-20% of young birds reach adulthood. For Robin’s, the mortality rate in the first year of life is a staggering 72%. The good news is that so long as they are provided with a good diet and safe, secure habitat, most birds can live a full, long and happy life. The oldest known Robin lived to the grand old age of 8.5 years! Our Mealworm blend bird food is especially formulated to attract Robins as well as many other species of bird to your garden. Studies have indicated that supplementary feeding of meal worms increased nesting success by 55% in some areas and supplementary feeding of mealworms at 66 colonies in London increased breeding success by 62% Meal worms and calci worms are full of protein which birds love. Our Mealworm blend is also packed with other sources of healthy fats and proteins which will give your wild birds diet a healthy boost all year round. Healthy fats help build tissues, ligaments, plumage and muscle and add extra calories during leaner times of year. So make sure your feeders are regularly refilled to keep your feathered friends coming back for more.

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Kennedy Wild Bird Food

Product Reviews

  • 5


    Posted by Kath on 28th Dec 2023

    I'm very happy with this worm and seed mix. Most importantly the birds love it and nothing is left uneaten. It's the first time I've bought it and I will definitely do so again.

  • 5

    Posted by Amit Agarwal on 9th Feb 2022

    I find the small birds, esp the robins love the worm a mix

  • 5

    Posted by Peter on 7th Feb 2022

    Birds love it! So do the squirrels!!

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